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You may contact me to request a review code for the game. Simply send a link to your channel and let me know what you'd like to do with the game. Full monetization of the game is allowed on all video platforms as long as the video is additive or performative in some way (ie no pure gameplay uploads with no commentary, and no soundtrack reuploads). I'm also available for interviews, discussions, and podcasts.



In Brief

Pulstario is a small, challenging space game about collecting missing souls in the void.

About Pulstario

Pulstario is a small game in which you pilot a ship through the void and collect missing souls. It has challenging moments and hopefully the gameplay is a rewarding experience. From the creator of LOVE and kuso.

The Gameplay

Each stage sets you at a start point, and you must fly and collect every last soul without colliding with the obstacles the stage has for you. If you crash into a wall you will reset your position to the start of the stage, but your progress is maintained. Movement is handled with turning and boosting to fight gravity. For players who need a little extra help, you can also slow down time at the press of a button.


• 11 Levels
• 5 Secret Levels
• 14 Achievements
• 14 Unlockable Ship Skins
• Native Xinput Controller Support
• Steam Trading Cards and Emotes*
• Steam Leaderboards for frame-perfect speedruns as well as individual level speedruns*
* Steam Exclusives

Game Modes


Pulstario Gameplay Trailer



Animated GIFs

Additional Art

There are far more screenshots available for Pulstario, but these are the ones I felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact me!

Pulstario logo Pulstario cover